Go ride, customized cycling tours

We offer guided MTB (Mountain Bike) and E-Bike (electric bike) tours of the main areas of the Costa Blanca.

The Costa Blanca is one of the most mountainous areas of the country and has an excellent network of MTB tracks, roads and trails that offer challenges and fun for beginners and experienced bikers alike.

Many of these routes will take you through some of the most beautiful parks and nature reserves.

We prepare personalised tours of one or more days, adapted to your physical and technical level, guided by an expert cyclist.

Selection of the best areas for MTB in Costa Blanca.

Recording of the routes with GoPro and gift of edited video.

We offer optional services so that you don’t have to worry about anything: accommodation, airport transport, bike rental…

Accident insurance.

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Biosfera Aventura

If you like sports in nature, now you can enjoy the guided services we offer, with technical and professional training.

– Multi-thematic hiking in medium and low mountain (you will be surprised to discover what surrounds us, with a simple walk).

– Climbing ferrata routes, edges, big walls, sport climbing…

– Introductory and advanced climbing courses.

– Initiation and improvement of mountain orienteering.

– Planning of specific training for mountain and climbing.

We also offer activities programmed for collectives and groups, such as psychomotricity workshops for the little ones and/or multi-adventure workshops, climbing baptism, etc.

We work in collaboration with other companies in the sector and with sports organisations that require our service.

Contact telephone number: 677 319 042



Vertigen Aventures

Ferratas routes and climbing


Routes and getaways

Multi-adventure birthday parties

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